I am not a career politician. I am a tried and tested leader. If recent events have taught us anything, it’s the importance of strong leadership in times of crisis. I’ve led some of America’s finest warriors in battle, and I’m ready to bring that leadership to Washington.

We may not agree on all of the issues; in fact I can guarantee we won’t. But the people of Western PA deserve to know where their elected officials stand, and I will always put the interests of Western PA ahead of politics.

Our veterans are the best of us. When they raise their right hand and volunteer to serve our great nation, they do so knowing that they may give their lives in defense of our freedom. When our veteran’s come home from distant battlefields, they deserve to be thanked on behalf of a grateful nation, but that gratitude must not stop there. Our leaders need to work relentlessly on their behalf to ensure they’re given a fair deal on the home front. They fought for us; now it’s our turn as American citizens to fight for them.

I will never forget the dedication and sacrifice of our nation’s warriors. Veterans who fight and bleed for this country should not have to fight and bleed for the healthcare and benefits they were promised. Veterans willingly chose to serve this nation during a time of war; they deserve the right to choose where to get their healthcare. If you like the care you receive at the VA, great. You can keep it. If you don’t, then it should be your right as a veteran to choose where you want to go.

Veterans who deploy to defend the streets of America should not have to return home to sleep on them. I will fight to ensure our veterans stay off the streets and in jobs where they can provide for their families and live the American Dream that they bled to protect.

“…The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” I will fight like hell to protect the right to keep and bear arms, and I reject the notion that society is somehow guilty because a criminal commits a crime. We do not need more gun control laws.

Ensure our military is the strongest fighting force in the world and is used to defend Americans from our enemies, NOT to police every corner of the earth.

Crack down on illegal Immigration, by ending “Sanctuary Cities” and finishing The Wall.

I will always support our law enforcement and oppose efforts to defund the police.

I will fight to keep taxes as low as possible, protecting your earnings and your freedom, and slash regulations to get DC off the necks of Pennsylvania job creators.

I’m from a union family and understand how important unions have been to middle-class families in Western Pennsylvania. I will always support middle-class working families and defend their rights in the workplace.

After decades of being beholden to OPEC, we are finally energy independent. A net energy exporter, in fact. We need to keep it this way. Fracking creates jobs and keeps us free. I will support Pennsylvania’s energy workers – and I won’t let my party betray them.

I want Americans to have the freedom to choose a healthcare plan that fits their needs. The best way to drive healthcare costs down is to get people jobs, allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, and allow small companies to band together to get lower rates.

I will defend the good health benefits Pennsylvania’s labor unions have won through negotiation – and fight the liberals who try to take these benefits away.

I believe the more insurance companies have to compete for your business, the more affordable healthcare will be, and will ultimately empower all Americans to pick a customizable plan that works best for them.

I’m pro-life, and I will vote that way and support Presidential candidates who will pick pro-life judges for our courts. My opponent voted against the Born Alive Act, allowing abortion-surviving babies to be left to die. This amounts to infanticide and murder, and we deserve better.

It’s simple, Social Security and Medicare should be protected. People have paid into the program their whole lives and at the end of the day, they have earned it and they deserve their Social Security and Medicare at retirement.

America is still the greatest nation in the history of the world. While the radical left is tearing down statues of George Washington, taking over city blocks, and trying to change our National Anthem, I will always fight to defend the country I love.